Destiny 2

Bungie reveals it created a Destiny 2 dating sim, but Guardians probably will never see it

During a roundtable interview, Bungie said that they’ve been toying with the idea of creating a Dating Sim for Destiny 2 during an in-game dev jam.

GamesRadar shared this info after talking in a roundtable interview setting with Destiny 2 developers and media about Season of the Wish. Clayton Kisko, one of the designers, shared that they’re happy about it and want to make more similar stuff. They’re into trying out different game styles and having fun with it.

During the interview session, The interview’s PR overseer jokingly asked if they had tried making a dating sim as part of their experimental genres. They quickly added, “don’t answer that question.” But guess what? Jonathan To, the lead narrative designer, explained that during game jams at Bungie, they’ve tried out all sorts of things, including dating sims.

“We have, what do you call those, game jams, and stuff like that has been made in game dev jams within Bungie.”

Chances are guardians won’t get to play it, knowing it came from in-house game jams.