Destiny 2 Livestream

Bungie reveals new Destiny 2 PvP maps and a special The Finale Shape livestream

Bungie just revealed the three new PvP maps for Destiny 2, set to launch this May. Additionally, fan-favorite Exotic Missions are making a comeback, and there’s a special preview livestream for “The Final Shape” coming up.

Bungie streamed its third and final “Into the Light” live stream this evening, showcasing the upcoming Destiny 2 content. The stream highlighted the return of classic exotic missions and we got a good look at the PvP map pack (Eventide Labs, Essence and Cirrus Plaza) set to arrive in May 7.

Also, the publisher is reintroducing two beloved exotic missions: the Whisper mission and Zero Hour.

The updated Exotic missions will have changes like new chest locations and altered boss fights. They’ll come in two difficulties: Normal (with 40 minutes to complete) and Legend (with only 20 minutes, offering a tougher challenge).

To wrap up the livestream, there’s a special preview of “The Final Shape” scheduled right before the reset on April 9.

Destiny 2

In the first Into The Light livestream, Bungie revealed a brand new gamemode: Onslaught. In Onslaught, there are 10 waves, and Challenge mode has 5 sets of 10 waves across 3 map locations. Teams of 3 Guardians must cooperate, gather scrap, and build defenses to survive enemy waves. Players can join with friends or through matchmaking. New weapons were revealed in the first livestream, with more details coming in the second.