Destiny 2

Bungie unveils new Destiny Into The Light game mode: Onslaught

Bungie introduced a new activity called Onslaught, which is free for all players. This new PvE mode will be included in the Into The Light expansion for Destiny 2 on April 9, 2024. Onslaught involves a horde-style gameplay where Guardians defend the Last City to earn rewards and more.

In the Onslaught playlist, there are 10 waves, while the Challenge mode has 5 sets of 10 waves and requires players to move to 3 different map locations. You can team up with 2 other Guardians, making it 3 players total.

To survive, Guardians must cooperate, gather scrap, and build defenses, like turrets and tripwires, against waves of enemies.

Players can join with a fireteam or through matchmaking, so even solo players can give it a shot. In the first of three livestreams, we saw some new weapons. We’ll learn more about them in the second livestream.