Destiny 2 Cheater Who Threatened to Burn Down Bungie’s Office Settles for $500k

Reported by, A Destiny 2 player who allegedly employed cheating software to gain an unfair advantage over others in the game managed to evade multiple bans by creating 13 different accounts. This individual also engaged in harassment towards Bungie employees and even expressed a desire to harm the Bungie headquarters. Surprisingly, a significant settlement has now been reached between this gamer and the gaming company.

The series of events took place in July 2022, when Bungie, the developer of Destiny 2, took legal action against a minor known as L.L. This legal action was prompted by L.L.’s persistent and disturbing threats aimed at both Bungie and its staff. L.L. didn’t just stop at expressing a wish to cause harm to Bungie’s office but also indicated that Bungie employees were not safe due to his plans to move into their neighborhood.

Recently, L.L. and Bungie resolved their legal dispute through a $500,000 settlement, according to the proposed consent judgment filed by the developer earlier this month. This settlement not only puts an end to the conflict but also places certain restrictions on L.L.’s future behavior.

Destiny 2

According to the document, Bungie is seeking $150,000 for each instance of copyright infringement, totaling $300,000. Additionally, L.L. is accused of committing “at least 100 acts of circumvention” by using cheat software and creating new accounts to evade in-game bans. Each of these violations carries a $2000 penalty, resulting in a total of $200,000. In sum, Bungie asserts its right to a $500,000 damages award.

Bungie has also issued a permanent cease and desist order against L.L., preventing him from using cheat software in any Bungie game, selling Bungie accounts or in-game Destiny 2 items, assets, or participating in any past, present, or future Bungie games.

Additionally, this order prohibits him from “coming within 1000 feet of Bungie’s offices or knowingly coming within 1000 feet of the known home address of any Bungie employee, except when traveling on public highways and roads for purposes unrelated to contacting or harassing such Bungie employee.”

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