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Destiny 2 Faces Criticism Over its Game Awards Nomination for Community Support

Getting nominated for a Game Award is a happy thing. But this year, Bungie’s nomination in the “Best Community Support” category is causing some awkwardness.

The creators of Destiny 2 have faced significant community backlash after laying off over 100 people last month, with a notable number from the community support and social aspects of the company. Bungie, a PlayStation studio, has recently laid off some staff members. Although the exact number of job cuts wasn’t immediately clear, former employees started sharing on social media on October 30 that they were no longer with the company.

Sony had acquired Bungie for $3.6 billion just last year, during a time when many big acquisitions were happening in the video game industry. Besides their popular sci-fi MMO shooter, Destiny 2, Bungie is also working on a shooter called Marathon and a new original project.Liana Ruppert, who was laid off after recently, shared her thoughts on X (formerly Twitter):

In 2019, Destiny 2 won the same award it’s currently nominated for. However, the team responsible for community support at that time wasn’t invited to the ceremony.

Many users on X have pointed out that if Destiny 2 wins, it could lead to one of the most awkward acceptance speeches ever. After all, the individuals Bungie would be thanking for the award are mostly no longer part of the company. Despite the layoffs and backlash, some on X argue in favor of the win, suggesting it could be a show of support for those who lost their jobs, potentially giving their careers a boost with such prestigious recognition.

Bungie has chosen to remain silent about the nomination on social media, not celebrating it like other candidates (Larian Studio, CD Projekt Red, Square Enix and Hello Games) did.