Destiny 2 Devs on the “Most” Complex Catalyst: “We Finally Did It!”

Destiny 2 recently added upgrades to old Exotic weapons, and players have been eager for a catalyst to improve a specific auto rifle, the Monte Carlo. Despite its effectiveness, the rifle’s unusable bayonet has never been fixed.

  • Monte Carlo– We finally did it. It was mechanically the most complex catalyst we have ever done, requiring a host of custom animation work and a lot of things we have never done on a weapon before, but we hope you enjoy it!

In Season 22, The Monte Carlo rifle is finally getting a catalyst that players have been wanting. This catalyst will let you use the rifle’s bayonet for melee attacks, dealing serious damage to enemies. Bungie says it’s their most complex catalyst yet, but it’s worth it! Bungie also fixed an issue where ammo was loading into Quicksilver Storm slightly too late in the reload animation.

Summary of Weapon Changes in Destiny 2:

1. Dead Man’s Tale:
– Cosmetic fix to impact stat.
– Damage per bullet remains the same.

2. Two-Tailed Fox:
– Catalyst rework for Third Tail perk.
– Third rocket fires after the second one, emphasizing the Three Tails concept.
– Fires a three-shot burst with the catalyst.

3. Verglas Curve:
– Whisper of Fissures kills count for Hail Barrage stacks.
– Buffed PvP performance with Hail Barrage.
– Shiver Quiver activates when slowing enemies.
– Increased slow stacks with Hail Barrage arrows.

4.Le Monarque:
– Changed damage profile to lightweight Bow.
– Reduced impact damage and DoT duration.
– Faster draw time and increased PvE DoT damage.

5. Vex Mythoclast:
– RPM reduced to match other Auto Rifles.
– Increased damage against minor and major combatants.

6. Tommy’s Matchbook:
– Adjusted Scorch value for more upfront damage.

7. Touch of Malice:
– Increased final round PvE damage.
– Reduced self-damage and prevents self-kills.
– Improved Touch of Mercy perk and fixed Darkness damage type.

8. Malfeasance:
– Fixed Vorpal Weapon catalyst display issue.

9. Cloudstrike:
– Reduced lethal kill distance for lightning strike.

10. Wicked Implement:
– Extended timing for Creeping Attrition perk.
– Activating Tithing Harvest by destroying Stasis crystals.
– Wicked Implement catalyst includes Headstone perk.

In Season 22, these adjustments aim to make exotic weapons more balanced and effective, fixing issues and enhancing the player experience in different parts of Destiny 2. Don’t forget to read the full Developer Insights for Season 22 to learn more.