Destiny 2 director reveals ‘philosophy PvP change’ and more after negative response

In an extensive 17-minute video posted on Twitter today, Joe Blackburn, the director of Destiny 2, covered multiple game-related topics as the highly anticipated reveal of The Final Shape approaches in just one week. However, a major point of focus during the conversation revolved around the Crucible. Blackburn has mentioned that the development team intends to shift their approach in the future.

The Destiny 2 director announced a change in content strategy for Crucible mode. Instead of releasing maps gradually over the year, they will now concentrate on creating a comprehensive free map pack, providing diverse and specialized experiences all at once in the coming year.

Apart from the Crucible segment, numerous other aspects have been addressed, including:

– The recorded showcase on August 22 was produced some time ago and isn’t a response to the State of the Game (SOTG) or recent feedback.

– The showcase will primarily focus on the narrative, location, and briefly touch on potential alterations to the live service post-The Final Shape.

– New game modes will be integrated into the core Player vs. Player experience.

– The reward structure for competitive points will transition to a more straightforward system where the outcome of winning or losing carries greater significance.

– Bungie is establishing a dedicated team for PvP strikes.

– Armor is generally divided into three categories: Aspirational (raids, dungeons, trials), Narrative (seasonal and ritual items), and Silver (Eververse sets).