Destiny 2 ‘leak’ reveals the next returning raid

A recent leak related to Destiny 2 suggests that a classic raid from the original Destiny might be making a return, but with some changes and updates.

Since 2021, Bungie brought back the Vault of Glass and King’s Fall raids from Destiny 1, leading players to speculate about which classic raid will return in 2023. Recent reports from The Game Post’s Destiny Bulletin suggest that the returning raid in season 22 will be Crota’s End, as per their sources. This information has been further supported by a trustworthy Destiny 2 leaker named Liz, who claims to have received additional confirmation about Crota’s End being the reprised raid for the upcoming season.

One of The Game Post’s sources has indicated that numerous encounters within the raid are being revamped, particularly the Abyss lamp maze encounter and the Bridge encounter. These changes are primarily aimed at preventing players from completing the entire raid solo, a feat that was possible in the original Destiny 1 version of the raid.

It appears that Bungie has been testing the waters for the return of Crota’s End since the launch of The Witch Queen expansion. A sequence within the Lightblade strike features lamps that function similarly to the first encounter in Crota’s End raid. According to a source that told The Game Post’s Destiny Bulletin, this sequence served as a kind of trial run for the reprised raid in season 22. Similar lamp mechanics have also been observed in Season of the Deep’s Deep Dives activity. Players are also eagerly anticipating the potential return of Nechrochasm, the raid exotic from Crota’s End.