Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Offers Free In-Game Currency Ahead of New Expansion The Final Shape

Beginning March 5, players can collect 700 Bright Dust weekly until the release of The Final Shape.

Destiny 2 is currently in the ongoing Season of the Wish. Guardians are waiting for the next major expansion The Final Shape. However, due to delays, this update is now slated for a June release. The Final Shape marks the eighth expansion in Destiny 2 and the twelfth in the entire Destiny series. Serving as the grand finale of The Light and Darkness Saga, it promises to tie together all the events that have unfolded so far.

To entice players to return and log in, Bungie has just revealed in the latest TWID (This Week In Destiny) that the game will now provide players with 700 Bright Dust per week.

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As we head toward The Final Shape, we’re honoring Guardians with a new weekly gift of Bright Dust. Starting on March 5, players can visit the Eververse store to claim 700 Bright Dust each week leading up to the launch of The Final Shape. Make sure to log in, get your Dust, and spend wisely, Guardians.

Last week, Joe Blackburn, the Game Director of Destiny 2, has announced his departure from Bungie just ahead of the release of the forthcoming major expansion, The Final Shape.

Blackburn highlighted the regular occurrence of the “end-to-end playtest” in Destiny 2 development since 2018. This entails several days of consecutive internal playtesting. With The Final Shape set to release on June 4, its playtest in February will mark the point at which Blackburn will “pass the torch” of Game Director to Tyson Green.