Destiny 2’s Director on new PvP plan: “We’re not afraid of being wrong here”

Destiny 2‘s Game Director, Joe Blackburn, has shed light on Bungie’s plans to enhance the game’s PvP segment in the coming year. Players have expressed discontent over Destiny 2’s Crucible mode, citing a lack of updates.

Bungie has acknowledged these concerns and responded with significant changes, which were unveiled during The Final Shape showcase in August. Notably, additions like the new “Multiplex” map and the “Relic” game mode are set to debut in the upcoming Season of the Witch.

In a recent interview with PC Gamer, Joe Blackburn elaborates on Bungie’s approach to PvP. After his return to Bungie in 2020, the challenge of refining Crucible emerged, given the rarity of PvE-PvP hybrid experiences in gaming. Acknowledging Destiny 2’s accessibility for quick engagements, Bungie aims to adopt a more practical approach to Crucible.

Blackburn underscores Bungie’s pivot towards catering to dedicated PvP enthusiasts and providing more flexibility for those less inclined. This strategy seeks to streamline the Crucible experience, prioritizing committed players while respecting varying preferences.

“We don’t want to say: ‘Hey, we’re going to try to make every single person happy’. There are really divisive camps, so the way we want to really change our strategy is to be clear about saying: ‘This is the PvP audience for Destiny, this is what they want’. We’re going to centre PvP around our players that enjoy playing Crucible for 20 hours a week. And we’re going to make it more optional for players that don’t.” Blackburn told PC Gamer.

“But I think that if we are clearer with who we are trying to make PvP for, we can make the right decisions for that group and we can build a thing that people enjoy. It’s definitely a new take, and if this one doesn’t work, we’ll try something else. We’re not afraid of being wrong here. We’re not going to let a fear of being wrong stop us from doing something and trying to really nurture this part of the game.”