Destiny 2 players are getting Final Shape Exotic free with pre-order trick

It seems some Destiny 2 guardians have managed to get a special weapon called the Tessellation Exotic from The Final Shape expansion without paying, using a trick with pre-orders.

As the anticipation builds up, players can already reserve the expansion before it comes out in 2024 and get the Tessellation Fusion Rifle. However, some players claim they’ve found a way to get this reward without actually paying for the expansion.A well-known Destiny 2 content creator named LUCKYY10P tweeted about rumors that players were getting the Tessellation for free through a pre-order trick, which led to a big discussion.

The trick is to order The Final Shape early, get the Tessellation Exotic as a bonus, and then cancel the order but keep the weapon. Many players told LUCKYY10P that this worked for them and had also worked for past expansions like the Quicksilver Storm in Lightfall. But when the expansion is released, the game realizes the canceled order and takes away the weapon. So, the same thing might happen here.