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Destiny 2 players criticize flaw with story: ‘you had to be there philosophy’

Destiny 2 fans are upset about how the game tells its ongoing story. The popular shooter is wrapping up its ten-year-long tale about the fight between light and dark, with the big finale coming next year in The Final Shape. As the climax approaches, both old and new players are jumping in to catch up.

To keep players engaged between big updates, Bungie adds seasonal content to Destiny with new stories and activities. These stories are usually seen as extras, but they can have important events that change the main plot.

Destiny 2’s “you had to be there” philosophy is making me unable to understand anything. I might quit.
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While some players like how Bungie tells stories, others have issues. Some players shared their complaints on Reddit, saying the storytelling is not great.

Destiny 2 players are criticizing how Bungie tells stories. Both new and returning players don’t like how the narrative is presented, especially the “you had to be there” approach.

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