Destiny 2

Destiny 2 turns bug into new game mode

Bungie recently announced a new feature for Destiny 2 where players can use their Sparrow in PvP matches.

This idea stemmed from a bug discovered during Season of the Witch, allowing players to speed around the Multiplex map on their Sparrow. The unintended fun chaos led to unexpected races and humorous moments, and now Bungie is officially incorporating this into the game. The new mode, called Sparrow Control, will be part of the Control playlist during select weeks in Season 23. It will have larger curated maps, allowing players to summon their Sparrow for the entire match. This addition is likely in response to players’ enjoyment of the earlier bug and shows Bungie’s commitment to keeping the Destiny 2 community entertained.

Destiny 2 Sparrow Control

Season of the Witch in Destiny 2 is set to introduce brand new content, competitive rewards, permanent game modes, and weapons. A recent blog post disclosed that the Crucible playlist will feature 3v3 quickplay and a rotating 6v6 unranked node with various variations. The eagerly anticipated Citadel map will make a comeback in season 23, accompanied by the return of old competitive rewards.

Additionally, players in Destiny 2 will acquire a fresh Ritual weapon named Chivalric Fire, which comes with a distinctive perk generating Orbs of Power upon dealing sustained damage.