Destiny 2 will finally see server stability fixes

After many weeks of players asking Bungie for an update, the developer has finally shared their plans for the upcoming seasons in Destiny 2. The condition of Destiny 2’s servers has been a big problem in Season of the Deep. It has become an even bigger issue as the game experienced unexpected downtimes and players encountered frequent error codes.

In today’s This Week in Destiny: the Engineering team discussed in detail the current issues affecting the game and what steps they need to take to fix them. They aim to make significant improvements to the architecture of Destiny 2’s services by the start of season 23. These improvements should noticeably enhance the game’s stability and its ability to recover quickly from any problems.

The team emphasized the importance of Destiny 2’s services in providing a good experience for players. They are dedicated to making long-term improvements to ensure stability and reliability. They have already made efforts to update their internal services, aiming to improve scalability, maintenance, and support for their service infrastructure. However, they have discovered some issues with these changes that they are currently working on fixing.

The team specifically discussed Destiny 2’s ‘Claims’ service, which handles all gameplay messages sent from Destiny 2 to the server that manages player data. This service deals with a large volume of messages, so they focused on making significant improvements to it before the release of Lightfall this year.