Destiny 2’s new location evolves after campaign

The official Destiny 2 presentation unveiled various aspects of The Final Shape expansion, including a fresh location referred to as The Pale Heart. This destination will transform and adapt as players progress through the campaign.

During the official presentation, Bungie disclosed that the upcoming expansion will introduce a new area named The Pale Heart. Noted as the first linear destination, The Pale Heart of the Traveler will adjust based on players’ choices during the campaign and will undergo substantial changes after the ongoing storyline concludes.

The developers also explained how the Witness’s Monolith impacts The Pale Heart of the Traveler, resulting in architecture that combines environmental elements rearranged in unconventional patterns that align with the cosmic horror themes that inspire Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Showcase Highlights

New Supers and Aspects: Guardians gain 3 fresh Super abilities and 3 Aspects. Warlocks wield potent Solar abilities, Titans use versatile Void axes, and Hunters summon electrified Arc daggers.

The Subjugators:A new enemy unit, the Subjugators, introduces Stasis and Strand-based attacks, offering unique challenges for players.

Renewed Arsenal:The update brings a variety of new weapons, including the Exotic Fusion Rifle “Tessellation,” allowing diverse gameplay.

Episodes:Game structure shifts to 3 larger Episodes—Echoes, Revenant, and Heresy—packed with stories, quests, rewards, and fresh activities.

Breaking Barriers:The leveling system for campaigns and free-roaming destinations is revamped, ensuring fair and exciting experiences.

Fireteam Power:A new feature balances Power levels within fireteams, enhancing cooperative gameplay.

Timeline Reflections: Short missions in the Timeline menu offer narrative introductions, suitable for both new and returning players.

Fireteam Finder (Coming in Season 23):A new in-game tool aids players in finding compatible Guardians for activities.

Season of the Witch:The expansion introduces a new story with Hive magic, the Deck of Whispers, Exotic rewards, and two novel Crucible modes.

Crota’s End Raid Returns:A classic raid from Destiny’s past—Crota’s End—reprises with new twists and challenges.

Witch Queen Trial Weekend: From August 24 to 27, players can explore The Witch Queen expansion for free, including challenging campaign content and earning gear.

Expansion Sale: The Witch Queen expansion is on sale from August 22 to September 5, with special offers for PlayStation Plus members.

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