Destiny 2

Destiny is gearing up to launch an collaboration with Ghostbusters

Bungie revealed a cool Ghostbusters-themed ship, ghost shell, and sparrow that will launch on March 19.

This isn’t just a random choice—Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire comes out on March 22, and it’s produced by Bungie’s new bosses, Sony.

Last week, BungieLeaks and TheGamePost reported a datamine of update 7.3.5 hinted at potential crossover items in the Destiny 2 Eververse store, featuring Ghostbusters references. The datamine revealed text strings such as “Add Ghostbusters gear to your collection,” “Ghostbusters gear in Eververse,” and “Who You Gonna Call?” However, despite the absence of new armor files in the datamine, BungieLeaks believes the collaboration might include Ghost shells, emotes, and other cosmetic items. Speculation swirls around the idea that this Ghostbusters collaboration could be a tie-in for the new Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire film, set to premiere on March 22.

Destiny 2 has joined forces with other brands before, like Mass Effect and The Witcher.

The Destiny 2 and Ghostbusters collaboration is set to launch on March 19, 2024.