Destiny 2 Nerfs Incoming: Most OP Abilities Getting Nerfed

Bungie recently announced a big update for combat in Destiny 2. This update focuses on making some lesser-used Exotics stronger, and it also changes some very strong (OP) abilities that players have been using a lot. One of the changes is about Stand’s “Suspend” which was really powerful and used to defeat strong enemies. Another change affects two abilities, “Knockout” and “Thundercrash,” which belong to a class called Arc Titan and were very effective in competitive player-versus-player matches.

“To address these problems, we’re making a suite of changes across both Suspend and its supporting atoms to better carve out a healthier role for Suspend in the sandbox. The base duration of Suspend is being reduced significantly. We’ve further reduced it against Champion combatants to ensure that they remain a core focus in combat—a problem for the fireteam’s survivability that needs to be addressed with urgency. We’re also reducing the energy regeneration granted by Thread of Mind and Thread of Generation. We don’t believe the ability uptime these two fragments grant to Suspending atoms is healthy for the sandbox.” – Dev Insights: Season 22 Abilities And Armor Changes Preview

Bungie modified the Thundercrash ability by extending its initial cooldown duration from 500 seconds to 556 seconds, aligning it with the cooldown times of most of our other ongoing Super abilities. Additionally, the Knockout effect’s damage bonus against players was decreased from 50 to 30.

“Theoretically, Thundercrash is a one-off Super, but in practice its kill potential is closer to that of a roaming Super, so we’re updating its base cooldown to reflect that. As damage dealt and received is the primary factor in Super regeneration rates, particularly in PVE, we believe this change will be felt most strongly in low-player-count PvP like Trials and Competitive, without being too disruptive for our PvE Strikers.”

These changes, which cover a variety of improvements to Exotic armor pieces like Hallowfire Heart, Foetracer, Winter’s Guile, ACD/0 Feedback Fence, and Lucky Raspberry, will only become active once season 22 begins on August 22. Don’t forget to review the complete list on the Bungie website.