Destiny 2 player accuses Bungie Store of lying after receiving “wrong merchandise”

Destiny 2 boasts an incredibly dedicated and passionate fan base. Fans of the title often drawn to the allure of owning exclusive merchandise, available at the renowned Bungie Store, as a means of representing their favorite game in the real world. However, some players have recently faced issues with their Bungie Store orders, receiving merchandise that does not match their expectations.

One such incident was brought to light by a Reddit user named nathanc123, who reported an experience with a Destiny 2 Vanguard Sweatshirt purchased from the Bungie Store back in 2021. Upon receiving the item, they noticed a discrepancy in the colors, as the sweatshirt they received featured a blue hue instead of the advertised grey

While nathanc123 initially decided not to contact Bungie Support about the discrepancy, recent reports from other players who faced similar issues prompted them to raise the matter with the support team. Unfortunately, the response from Bungie Support suggested that the item’s listing was accurate at the time of purchase, implying that the sweatshirt was indeed supposed to be blue.

Bungie store false listing/item different to what was advertised, was then lied to by support.
byu/nathanc213 inDestinyTheGame

However, nathanc123 took the initiative to investigate further and found evidence of the Destiny shirt using the WayBack machine, a tool that captures website snapshots over time. This investigation revealed that the Vanguard Sweatshirt was originally displayed as grey when they made the purchase back in 2021. Armed with this information, they contested Bungie’s response, insisting that the item they received did not match the original listing at the time of purchase.

In response to the growing number of customer complaints, Bungie has acknowledged the issue and listed the item as out of stock on their website. Furthermore, Bungie Support has reached out to nathanc123 and other affected players to resolve the situation and rectify any inaccuracies in the merchandise delivery.

Based on the post, the item in question has been marked as unavailable by Bungie, and the Bungie Support team is actively working to resolve this problem.