Diablo 4 Season 3: Season of the Construct – What to expect

Blizzard has just revealed everything we need to know about Diablo 4 Season 3: Season of the Construct. In this season we will travel below the deserts of Kehjistan to uncover ancient artifacts, travel with a mechanical companion, invade a new dungeon type called Vaults and battle to rank up on the weekly leaderboards in The Gauntlet.

What to expect of Diablo 4 Season of the Construct

Season 3 will start with a fresh new questline that takes place below the sands of Kehjistan. Here lies the loom, an ancient technology designed by Zoltun Kulle and Ayuzhan of Caldeum. The Demon Malphas has twisted the loom to use it for his evil plans. Ayuzhan will lead you through the vaults, trying to stop the demon Malphas and his deadly constructs.

The base of your operations in this new area will be Gatehall, a new towncenter below Kehjistan. Through here you can enter the Vaults that are full of constructs. Here lies the true potential of the Loom. As with every season, you have to create a new character on the season playlist to start this storyline.

On your new adventure, you will be accompanied by your very own Seneschal Companion. This companion can fight along your side, or help you in other ways. You can upgrade your companion by using Governing and Turning Stones. Governing Stones determine which attacks your Seneschal uses, while Turning Stones will augment these skills further. The Senechal can equip 2 Governing Stones and 6 Tuning Stones, with there being 12 Governing Stones and 27 Tuning Stones in total, so be sure to collect them all!

As we explained above, new dungeons will be coming to Diablo 4 called Vaults. Vaults are filled with enemies that were once sworn to keep out evil, but after Malphas used the Loom, these protectors will turn against you. When you enter a Vault, you can be blessed by Zoltun’s Warding, a special blessing that will grant you access to the riches of the Vault. If you manage to keep to blessing after completing the Vault, you will get a Wardwoven Chest, which has a higher chance of Legendary items and sigils for Nightmare Vaults at World Tier III or above.

The Leaderboard will arrive

The feature you have all been waiting for will arive in season 3, The Gauntlet. The Gauntlet is Diablo 4’s answer for the Leaderboard. Each week players battle in The Gauntlet to get the highest scores possible. The top placed players will get a permanent place in the Hall of the Ancients.

A couple quality of life changes are also coming to the game. Expect Helltides to always be active, to give you more opportunities for gear, better movement with WASD keys, an extra Stash tab and way more. Be sure to check out all the details in the expanded article.

Are you excited for the new season?