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Diablo 4’s Gambling System change allows players to obtain “the best items in the game.”

Diablo 4’s gambling system will undergo massive changes in Season 4, as players will be able to gamble for “the best items in the game.”

During their Developer Update Livestream for Diablo 4’s upcoming season, the development team stated that Level 100 characters will receive only Item Level 925 items while gambling:

“We made the gambler guarantee 925 legendaries at level 100. And those legendaries can roll Greater Affixes. If you blow a ton of Obols on two-handers, for example, those two-handed legendaries you’re getting are the same as anywhere else in the game, so it’s actually a huge efficiency boost to getting the items you’re looking for,” Collin Finer (Lead Live Game Designer) said during the Developer Update Stream for Diablo 4’s upcoming season.

Adam Z Jackson made it clear that Diablo 4 players can get “some of the best items in the game” from the Obol vendor now. The Obols maximum capacity will be increased to 2,500 (before this was 2000).

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Season 4 was the first season that got a PTR and it was Blizzard’s opportunity to gather extensive player feedback on proposed alterations to the RPG’s loot, crafting, and upgrade mechanisms. Now it’s time to release it to the rest of the world because Season 4: Loot Reborn start on May 14 at 10 a.m. PT.

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