Diablo player reaches level 99 after 4 years of MFing

Diablo player MrLlama has reached level 99 after 4 years of playing a Magic Find Sorceress solo. He wanted to find every item in the game and build his sorceress with that quest in mind. After 4 years he has all but one item, Mang Song’s Lesson, which has a drop rate of about 1 in 110.000, so might need some time to get that last item and finish his quest.

Level 99 is no small achievement either, since not a lot of players have the dexterity to see the journey through. Be sure to watch de video down below, and give MrLlama a like and a sub for this great achievement. If you’d like to, you can also visit the Reddit thread.

MrLlama gets to level 99 at about 7:40 into the video, but we recommend watching the whole video.