Did Destiny 2’s third Darkness subclass leak?

Destiny 2 fans may have caught a glimpse of the game’s upcoming Darkness subclass ahead of its official reveal. The leak, discovered by vigilant members of the community, has sparked considerable excitement and speculation among players.

The leaked clip, believed to be from a developer build of Destiny 2, emerged on a now-deleted Reddit account. According to the user who shared the footage, it was obtained from a friend. Despite the post’s removal, it has already spread across the internet, with various sources, including BungieLeaks Twitter, archiving the intriguing clip.

The UI in the bottom-left corner features a never-before-seen Super icon, accompanied by a red energy highlight indicating a new melee ability. This unexpected development has caught the attention of the community, especially since no red subclass currently exists in the game.

Destiny 2

While some have raised concerns about the possibility of the clip being fake, Destiny 2 has had a history of notable subclass leaks before official announcements. Almost a year ago, players were given a glimpse of the green subclass known as “Strand” through a similar leak, which later turned out to be true. This has led to speculation that Bungie might be subtly using these leaks as a form of marketing or to maintain player engagement after major expansions.

If the leaked subclass turns out to be genuine, it could bring a wealth of new possibilities for players to explore and revitalize interest in The Final Shape expansion. However, until an official announcement is made by Bungie, it’s essential to approach the leak with a degree of caution and skepticism.