Guardians express disappointment about the lack of attention to Gambit in Destiny 2’s State of the Game

The State of the Game blog post for Destiny 2 has been released, containing a wealth of information that might not sit well with many. While there are positive updates to look forward to, overall, the major aspects of the news are somewhat disappointing.

The first part of the large blog is quite distressing, especially for Gambit fans. Bungie has stated that they won’t be investing much effort in revamping Gambit, as it hasn’t been popular enough.
After The Final Shape, there will be some minor updates, but overall, the focus will be on more popular aspects of the game.

“While we don’t have plans to dedicate more resources to significantly transform Gambit, we do have a few updates planned for the year of The Final Shape. These include porting the Cathedral of Scars map and its beautiful Dreaming City setting into the latest version of Destiny 2, as well as adding the Shadow Legion and Lucent Hive enemy types”- Destiny director Joe Blackburn

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Here are some key highlights from the State of the Game: August 2023:

– The “Pathfinder” system will replace ritual bounties, offering more rewarding experiences.

– The upcoming season will introduce a new Vex network map called Multiplex, located in the Infinite Forest.

– Two exciting game modes, Checkmate and Relic, will be added. Checkmate emphasizes gunplay with longer ability cooldowns and limited special ammo, while Relic lets players have fun using raid/seasonal relics in chaotic battles.

– Hunters, Titans, and Warlocks can look forward to three new Strand aspects in the next season.

– The Light and Dark saga will reach an epic conclusion with The Final Shape, and there won’t be an immediate release of a new game afterwards.

– In season 23, the Fireteam Finder will be launched to help friends play together, and significant changes to the progression system will be implemented in The Final Shape.