Todd Howard reveals: ‘We have about 250 people on Starfield’.

Bethesda is putting a lot of effort into Starfield, their latest game that got a lot of attention when it first came out on PC and Xbox. However, after the initial excitement, support from players for Starfield dropped, and now even Skyrim has more players on Steam.

Todd Howard chatted with Wired about his long career making video games. Looking ahead, he’s hopeful that the next time he meets with Wired, they’ll have a copy of The Elder Scrolls 6 on the table: “If we meet again, there’ll will be an Elder Scrolls 6 here [on the table]. You’re talking to me, but there’s 450 people here [working for Bethesda]. And we still have people that work on Fallout 76 and a team there doing updates for these games.”


The video game developer revealed that about 250 developers, roughly 55% of Bethesda’s 450-person team, are still dedicated to Starfield. “We have about 250 [people] on Starfield. These [games] only exist because of all of those people and us working together. That’s why the games are so big. That’s why there’s so many moving parts and so many interesting thing that people will find is that comes from everybody here.”

However, the extensive support for Starfield suggests a potentially longer wait for The Elder Scrolls 6, with an estimated 150 developers currently working on the game.