New Diablo 4 patch “Coming Up Very Soon” , Confirmed by Diablo Director

Adam Fletcher, the Director of Global Community Development at Diablo, announced on Twitter that the upcoming Patch 1.1.2 will be arriving shortly. This patch will finally address a bug that had been preventing players from finishing the Fury Against Fate side quest.

Currently, there is a lack of additional information regarding the specifics of Patch 1.1.2. However, we will provide coverage as soon as more details emerge.

Also, it’s worth noting that numerous players are facing extended delays in completing their Seasonal Journey due to a specific problem. Players of Diablo 4 have encountered an issue where despite opening numerous Helltide chests (both the Mystery and standard varieties), their progress towards Season Journey objectives has not been moving forward. This has understandably led to frustration since three goals are tied to these chests. The positive aspect is that Blizzard is conscious of this problem; however, a resolution has not yet been provided.