Potential 60FPS upgrade for Xbox Series X Starfield players

When Starfield launched in September, it was running at 30fps. Initially, without a performance mode on Microsoft’s consoles, it seemed like 30fps was the best players could hope for. However, Digital Foundry now believes that a 60fps mode for Starfield on the Xbox Series X could be a possibility in the future.

In the latest dive into Starfield’s beta version on Steam, Digital Foundry discovered areas for improvement in the game’s performance modes. This insight comes after Digital Foundry extensively explored the beta earlier this month, revealing opportunities to enhance Starfield’s overall performance.

‘The game’s performance has also improved noticeably with the beta patch. This performance boost is nearly replicated on a lower-tier Ryzen 5 3600 system, where I recorded a 17 percent frame-rate improvement with the beta patch installed. This brings this CPU into 60fps territory much more frequently, which makes a big difference to how smooth the game feels to play. This kind of a performance uplift makes me think a performance mode on console could be much more viable now, given that the 3600 and the Xbox Series X CPU operate within a similar performance profile.’┬ácited by Gamingbible

So, if the beta updates make their way into the game, Xbox Series X users might get to enjoy smoother gameplay at 60fps in Starfield. Bethesda hasn’t confirmed this yet.