Starfield could be missing huge feature because of new partnership

Starfield has formed a new partnership with AMD. This collaboration promises to bring numerous exciting features to the game, generating much anticipation among fans. However, there is a possibility that Starfield may not incorporate a significant PC gaming feature due to this partnership with AMD. While the partnership goes beyond a mere logo display during game loading, it primarily focuses on business-related aspects rather than hardware enhancements.

Nvidia-sponsored PC games commonly incorporate features such as FSR (DLSS) or XeSS, whereas games sponsored by AMD typically do not include these features. Consequently, it is anticipated that Starfield, being an AMD-sponsored title, may not initially provide Intel XeSS or Nvidia DLSS. Instead, players will likely rely on AMD’s own supersampling technology, FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR), as the primary option. Furthermore, although the Xbox Series X and S consoles from Microsoft are built on AMD’s graphics and processing architectures, this does not affect the PC gaming experience regardless of the hardware used. However, it does imply that the likelihood of native DLSS integration is minimal.

But don’t worry, there is still hope as Bethesda’s game design philosophy opens up opportunities for modders to make significant contributions to Starfield. Modders will likely have a great time exploring and enhancing the game. As demonstrated by a recent DLSS mod for Fallout 4, which resulted in a substantial performance improvement, it is evident that modding can have a transformative impact on the gaming experience. DLSS 3 is a technology that significantly boosts gaming frame rates by leveraging dedicated tensor cores for various AI tasks. Its effectiveness is attributed to three key components that work in harmony.