Starfield Design Director on Unfair Game Criticism: ‘Funny how players talk about game development without understanding it.’

Emil Pagliarulo suggests that many outspoken critics lack a true understanding of the intricacies of game development.

Starfield received mixed feedback, prompting people to share their thoughts. Design director Emil Pagliarulo then considered how certain critics confidently judged the game despite being disconnected from the actual development process.

Pagliarulo shared on Twitter his thoughts about the irony of players being disconnected from the realities of game development while confidently expressing opinions on the subject. To illustrate this point, he drew a parallel by stating: “Funny how disconnected some players are from the realities of game development, and yet they speak with complete authority. I mean, I can guess what it takes to make a Hostess Twinkie, but I don’t work in the factory, so what the hell do I really know? Not a lot.”

Pagliarulo mentioned two reasons why he restrains himself from being overly critical. First, he understands the difficulty of game development and respects those involved in the process. Second, he believes expressing unprofessional or uncool opinions goes against his principles. He recalled a time when he used to be a game reviewer and freely shared his thoughts, whether positive or negative.

Bethesda remains committed to improving the game. The studio has announced plans for future updates in 2024, promising “all new ways of traveling” within the game, along with various fixes and enhancements.