Starfield IRL Quest: Players seek all unique Starfield ads globally

Gaming giant Bethesda has launched an exciting campaign called ‘Windows to the Worlds’ for their upcoming game, Starfield. The campaign invites players worldwide to find unique posters placed in different locations.

There are 1001 of these special posters scattered around the world. Each poster shows a different environment and has a number on the bottom-right corner. Players are encouraged to locate these posters and share their discoveries on Starfield’s Discord server.

Bethesda’s official Starfield Twitter account has urged players to join the hunt, saying, “We’ve hidden 1001 unique and numbered ‘Windows to the Worlds’ across the globe, giving a sneak peek into the Starfield universe.” reports that only four posters with numbers 118, 210, 376, and 402 have been found and shared on the Discord. All of these were found in London Underground stations in the UK. This creative campaign not only excites fans but also offers a glimpse into the immersive universe of Starfield, building anticipation for its release.