Starfield’s Nexus Mods page is officially live

The connection between Bethesda games and modding is strong. There’s a wide variety of mods available for downloading in Skyrim and recently, even the Fallout developers offered jobs to two creators of the Fallout London mod from last year. The mod they’re working on is said to be a similar size to a Fallout 4 expansion, and a team of thirteen people is involved.

If you’re familiar with modding in Skyrim or mods in general, you’ve probably know Nexus Mods. It’s one of the busiest places for sharing mods for PC games. Starfield mods also have a special webpage on Nexus Mods. While there aren’t any mods available now due to the game not being out yet, they’ll likely be ready for download soon after the game is released. Keep in mind that these mods will only work on the PC version of the game.

A short while back, we shared information about PureDark, a modder aiming to introduce DLSS3 compatibility to the upcoming Starfield game. However, there hasn’t been official confirmation from AMD and Bethesda regarding its feasibility. There is apprehension due to AMD’s collaboration with Bethesda, which could potentially limit the use of DLSS and Intel’s XeSS in favor of AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR).

PureDark (Modder) on the Starfield situation
byu/makisekurisudesu innvidia

Bethesda’s new IP will come out on September 6th for Xbox Series X|S and PC. To stay current with the latest Starfield news, be sure to follow us on Facebook or Twitter.