This is how you find Destiny 2’s new Exotic Fish and Broken Blade Exotic Quest

Destiny 2 is known for its captivating Exotic quests that offer unique challenges and rewards. While some quests are easily recognizable, others are veiled in secrecy, providing a sense of intrigue to players. After nine years of Destiny’s existence as a franchise, players can now indulge in a beloved pastime reminiscent of World of Warcraft: Fishing.

So recently, a new Exotic quest has surfaced, although it appears to be incomplete or currently inaccessible. This enigmatic quest revolves around capturing the elusive Broken Blade, an Exotic fish, and unraveling the significance of the cryptic Deep Dive statues. Although the quest’s details, including its ultimate rewards, remain shrouded in uncertainty, we have managed to uncover some intriguing aspects. In this guide, we will provide you with the latest findings, including how to embark on this quest, while keeping in mind that its progression may be time-gated.

In order to start this exciting new Exotic quest, you won’t initially see it mentioned in your quest log. Thus, this guide for will provide you with the necessary information on capturing Exotic fish and how to handle the Broken Blade.

The Exotic Fish: Whispering Mothcarp and the Broken Blade

Firstly, you need to acquire an Exotic fish known as the Whispering Mothcarp. Additionally, it is advisable to obtain the Fishing Rally quest from Hawthorne at the Tower. This quest aligns with the fishing activities required for the Exotic quest. Notably, this Exotic quest was introduced on June 20, coinciding with the quest’s release.
Capturing the Whispering Mothcarp, a rare Exotic fish, can prove to be an unpredictable challenge. Reports from players indicate that luck plays a significant role, with some anglers attempting to catch hundreds of fish before success, while others manage to secure one relatively quickly. Once you successfully reel in the Whispering Mothcarp, proceed to the HELM, the central hub of operations, and deposit it into the aquarium as usual. In addition to the customary rewards for capturing an Exotic fish, such as a piece of Exotic gear, you will also be rewarded with the enigmatic Broken Blade.

To confirm that you have obtained the Broken Blade, you can check your inventory’s Fishing Tackle by hovering over it. The tooltip will indicate that the Broken Blade has been acquired specifically from Savathun’s Throne World. This suggests the possibility of obtaining similar blades from other locations such as Nessus and the EDZ. However, at this stage, it is recommended to proceed with a Deep Dive activity.

Offering the Broken Blade

Deep Dive activities, a captivating element of Destiny 2, may have caught your attention with their intriguing yet purposeless Hive statues. However, armed with the Broken Blade, you can now interact with these statues. Approach a statue and offer the Broken Blade. This action triggers a captivating dialogue from Xivu Arath while causing flames to enshroud the statue. The first statue can be found in the initial underwater section, shortly after opening a door. Rather than following the usual path, veer towards the right and navigate through a corridor-like hallway. At the end, a drop awaits you, and below, you’ll discover the statue.

As of now, there are two additional Thrall statues within the Deep Dive activity that cannot be activated, even if you possess the Broken Blade. The method of activating these statues remains uncertain. However, it is plausible that the other two Exotic fish contain additional Broken Blades, which we will need to collect in the future.