This is why Destiny 2 keeps breaking all the time

Destiny 2 has experienced instability in recent weeks, with frequent error codes and occasional periods of being taken offline to address and resolve issues. Players have had to check the Bungie Help Twitter account regularly to see if the game servers are working or if the game is down for maintenance.

The developer is aware of the problem and is working on it, but they want to be careful in fixing it so that they don’t make things worse. In the meantime, they have outlined some improvements they plan to make in the current and upcoming seasons to improve stability. They have a mid-season update that will prevent things from getting worse, a season 22 update that will make the system more resilient, and a season 23 update that will bring even more improvements.


Normally, if Claims has its communication channels disrupted to other services, it is designed to automatically restore these connections. These disruptions can happen for a wide variety of reasons, including hardware failures, network hitches, or problems with other services. However, despite rigorous testing, the updated system is not always recovering as expected in our live game environment. If these channels are permanently disrupted, this can be one of the causes behind Weasel, Baboon, or other error codes for a large subset of the player base. In these cases, even a rolling restart of our Claims service is not always enough to restore the service. Instead, a full restart of our Destiny 2 services must be performed to restore the Claims system, which we are rapidly working to correct. Source: This Week in Destiny

Bungie warns that making changes to these systems might temporarily make things even worse, but the important thing to know is that they know about the problems and are working on a plan to fix them in the long run.