Thousands of Diablo 4 players get banned by Blizzard

Last week, we shared the news that the exploit discovered within Diablo 4’s seasonal mode has been successfully resolved in Patch 1.1.1. A considerable number of players who had taken advantage of this exploit are now facing bans. But now, another issue involved an exploit that allowed players to repeatedly access Nightmare Dungeons by manipulating party leadership. Blizzard is strongly against exploits and aims to maintain the Diablo 4 experience as stable as it can be.

Apparently blizzard does falsely ban players
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On Reddit, banned players are talking about their situations. Some say they didn’t do anything wrong, while others admit to using cheats even though they knew it was risky. asks the community to avoid cheating. Blizzard already warned players not to use third-party software in Diablo 4 or they could get banned.

To all the players of Diablo IV, whether you’re a seasoned demon hunter or a newly-arrived wanderer, it’s essential to be reminded that cheating is explicitly against Blizzard’s Terms of Service. Engaging in such activities not only dampens the gaming experience for genuine players, but it can also come with grave consequences for the cheaters themselves. – Worldstone

Unfair Ban from Blizzard
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