Todd Howard Confirms No Fishing in Bethesda’s Starfield RPG

The next Bethesda RPG Starfield won’t feature fishing, Todd Howard himself has said during Kinda Funny Games XCast Podcast, so bad news if you were hoping to cast your line in Starfield and catch some space fish.

Co-host Gary asks whether he’ll be able to have “some kind of rod” that can be lowered into a lake in order to recover a fish. Then Howard tells Gary that the game doesn’t include that function, crushing their hopes. This does, however, create the prospect that it may be added to an update, an addition, or even something that modders could incorporate.

How we’ll travel around Starfield when we’re not in our spacecraft was one of the questions as well. “Is there a land vehicle, or an option to maybe mount some of these wildlife creatures to use as a land transportation mode of transport?” questioned Kinda Funny’s host. “There is not,” Todd Howard said.

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On September 6, 2023, Starfield will be available on PC, Xbox Series X/S. Anyone who purchases a special edition of the game will have access to it a few days earlier.