Trading has officially been reenabled in Diablo 4

Blizzard Entertainment has reinstated trading in Diablo 4 Season 2 after temporarily suspending it due to a duplication exploit. Although Blizzard has addressed and resolved the issue, it appears to be an ongoing concern.

Blizzard has recently disabled the trading feature in Diablo 4 because players were exploiting a new cheat to duplicate items. A post on the Blizzard forum by the community manager, filthierich, indicated that the developers were actively working to resolve this issue. The good news is that they have successfully rectified the problem.

UPDATE October 27 - Trading Re-enabled

Player trading functionality has been re-enabled. We will continue to monitor player posts to ensure all is well with trading.
Thank you all for your patience

Blizzard has disabled trading in Diablo 4 on multiple occasions. One instance was on August 15, due to players exploiting a method to duplicate gold and items. Even after releasing Patch 1.1.2, Blizzard continued to investigate the trading system. The exploit involved a player initiating a trade, adding items or gold, intentionally closing the game, and then logging back in. Just before Blizzard’s crackdown in August, there was a remarkable trade where a crossbow was sold for an astonishing 30 billion gold.

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One comment

  1. But are all items tradeable? You know, the way it should be?
    It’s still not going to fix the game though.