Walmart is reportedly set to discard physical editions of Starfield: “Game will be marked down to 3 cents”

Suppliers have supposedly instructed Walmart to get rid of or destroy all physical disc copies of Starfield.

According to an internal leaked memo, Walmart is set to remove physical disc versions of Starfield from its stores and halt sales, following the directive of the game’s suppliers, which include Microsoft, Bethesda Softworks, and ZeniMax Media.

As per the memo, verified by Wario64, Walmart aims to complete the removal of all Starfield copies from store shelves and processing by February 5.

On Monday,Jan 22, the Xbox Series X “Starfield” video game will be marked down to 3 cents to prepare for its disposal at store level. Thank you for helping process this item off our shelves!

There are signs that Walmart is getting ready to exit the physical media business. A previous report hinted that Walmart would cease selling physical Xbox games, these rumors stem from a recent report indicating a decline in physical game sales last year.

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