Blizzard is eliminating Layering Abuse in WoW Classic

Layering has been a problem since the launch of World of Warcraft: Classic. But what exactly is Layering? Layering (WoW Classic) is an alternative to the sharding technology (WoW Retail). Sharding distributes players in different versions of zones determined by the population for that zone, to ensure that there is …

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Saurfang cinematic supercut released by Blizzard

Do you miss Saurfang already? We do! The awesome, legendary warrior fell recently while challenging Sylvanas to a Mak’Gora, to great discomfort of his fans. To honor the hero, Blizzard released a supercut of all the cinematics in BFA we saw Saurfang. This is a beautiful story of an honorful …

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Will the Unused mount from vanilla finally release in 8.2.5

A rare mount is something that every WoW player wants, and especially this Bengal Tiger!┬áReins of the Bengal Tiger and 3 different mounts are mounts that appeared in the Beta of WoW but never made it to the retail version. [adsforwp id=”1570″] A few weeks ago the PTR update …

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Sylvanas’ ultimate plan revealed, will she control N’Zoth eventually?

After the cinematics that got released with patch 8.2.5, which looked amazing, we started to think what all of it could mean for World of Warcraft. Some speculations have already been thrown around in the recent weeks, regarding the factions coming together and these new storylines have proven this to …

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Battle for Azeroth War Campaign Finale – For Azeroth

BEWARE FOR SPOILERS!! Watch our opinion below. Below you will find the final cinematic for the War Campaign. You all played for this since the start of Battle for Azeroth. Watch it come to an end! Video uploaded by the awesome WoWHead.   In the cinematic we see the leaders …

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WoW Classic more than tripled the subscriber count

World of Warcraft

The enormous queues and insane numbers on Twitch were already a big indication that World of Warcraft Classic is a big success, but now it seems we have some hard data to support that claim. Superdata, a company that analyses the gaming market, recently released a report from which we …

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