Starfield’s user rating on Steam has dropped significantly to “Mostly Negative

Starfield’s user rating on Steam has dropped significantly to “Mostly Negative.” Indeed, this is disheartening for a game that was eagerly anticipated from one of the most acclaimed contemporary developers.

The game had already faced challenges on Steam, reaching a previous low of mixed status in November. Despite Bethesda and Microsoft’s vision of Starfield being a long-term, consistently played experience, player engagement has waned.


Emil Pagliarulo, Starfield’s design director, suggests that some vocal critics may not fully grasp the complexities of game development. On the r/Starfield subreddit, users noted a significant influx of 245 negative reviews on Steam around Christmas.

Despite the setbacks, Starfield is slated to receive updates throughout 2024, including “new ways to travel,” with Bethesda aiming for a once-every-six-weeks release schedule starting in February. Official mod support is on the way, with Bethesda releasing Creations in early 2024, featuring a Creation Kit and exporter.

The DLC is expected next year and will bring new story content, locations, and gear. While details about Shattered Space and potential revelations about the Starborn are scarce, fans will have to wait and see how it all comes together.