World of Warcraft Account-Wide Progression with Warbands

World of Warcraft The War Within Warband

The moment has arrived! With the release of 11.0 (World of Warcraft: The War Within), players can now utilize Warbands to achieve account-wide progression across all characters within their Battle.net account, regardless of their faction. This progress encompasses shared renown for the War Within, a shared warband vault, achievements, and …

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Blizzard unveiled three brand-new World of Warcraft expansions under the banner of the Worldsoul Saga

The War Within

Blizzard has revealed their plans for the upcoming major narrative in World of Warcraft, which will be known as the Worldsoul Saga. This grand narrative will unfold across the upcoming series of expansions, including The War Within, Midnight, and The Last Titan. The breathtaking cinematic for the 11th World of …

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How to watch Blizzcon 2023

Blizzcon 2023

BlizzCon is back this week, the first time since February 2021. It's happening in person in Anaheim, California, but there will also be online live streams with exciting news for fans of Blizzard Entertainment games like Warcraft, Diablo, and Overwatch.

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