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Black Market Auction House Location in Shadowlands

The BMAH is the place for all unique items. has looked up the places for you where you can go for your special Swift Zulian Tiger or Reins of the Mighty Caravan Brutosaur Black Market Auction House Location in Revendreth In Shadowlands, the Black Market Auction House is being …

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World of Warcraft Shadowlands pre patch imminent

The pre patch for World of Warcraft Shadowlands is imminent. Blizzard has warned players to do the tasks they want soon, especially in PvP since the season will end soon. The PvP season will end as soon as the pre patch arrives, but will transition in an “in-between” season in …

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World of Warcraft-players have chosen their free Shadowlands pet

World of Warcraft-players were given the opportunity to pick a new free mount which would come in Shadowlands. After two weeks and many votes, players have chosen the Wandering Ancient as the new mount. Blizzard gave players five options: Wandering Ancient, Soaring Spelltome, Nerubian Swarmer, Curious Caterpillar, and Gooey Slimesaber. …

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Dalaran Recreated in Minecraft


To be fair, everyone likes to play with blocks, right? Especially when it’s in Minecraft! Redditor LapisBroSammy has been busy with that for the past few years. He’s been working on Dalaran since at least 2016 and hopes to complete the Underbelly and Violet Hold areas in the future. Players …

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