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All Blizzard Store items at Gamescom 2019

We are at Gamescom 2019! As part of a renewed effort this year to maintain focus on development, for games and future projects, Blizzard doesn’t have a booth at Gamescom 2019. But the Blizzard Gear store is still up and running at the Gamescom 2019 shop area! Check out the …

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You can now Summon Ragnaros!

Only a week to go! Then Blizzard launches World of Warcraft: Classic. To celebrate that, it is now possible to summon your own Ragnaros.   View this post on Instagram   One week to #WoWClassic! Use this Snapcode to summon Ragnaros wherever you see his visage and TASTE THE FLAMES …

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Blizzard is adding more Realms to Classic!

With only 7 days left on the calendar, the release of Classic is now closer than ever. Previously indicated that they were adding multiple servers, and apparently, that was not enough. Blizzard has just added Blaumeux and Skeram for NA, and Firemaw for EU English, PvP servers. All other PvP …

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Best World of Warcraft: Classic Memes

Because Classic is coming, our pages are happy to focus on nostalgia. Therefore this “Best Classic Memes” post! Is there one that we missed? Send a message to our Facebook page! 1) What about Tanks in classic? –¬†Deniedeu <— 2) The real Vanilla, when I was 160 pounds, lived with …

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Classic Servers massively overpopulated

World of Warcraft Classic

The two servers, Herod and Shazzrah are so popular that blizzard advises finding another server. If nothing has changed at this time, it may be that the login queue exceeds 10,000 players. Blizzard does everything to make the launch of Classic go as smoothly as possible, but with this type …

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